Bournvita’s healthy Chocolatey drink has been valued for it taste since long. In order to meet with toddlers daily requirements this exciting drink has become more healthier and richer with vital nutrients that comes in the pouch pack too. Bournvita Little Champ as the name suggests is a special formulated drink with DHA, Omega -3 food for the kids optimum brain development. Kids brain upto 5 years is almost developed and hence to maintain this Little Champ is recommended to be taken twice daily so that it helps in further development.

Regular drinking of this chocolate drink favours in more better concentration and intelligence among kids. There are 13 different Vitamins and 5 Minerals all important ingredients for growth along with some major MacroNutrients like Carbohydrates , Proteins and fat. This drink can be enjoyed with kids as old as 2 yrs till 5 yrs. It enhances a better eyesight, muscle power, brain booster and increase in overall performance too. Calcium, Iron, phosphorus regulate growth hence is important in daily diet of small ones.