Dabur lauhasava is a perfect combination of naturally processed essential Ayurvedic herb and iron, which is vital for treating anemia and iron deficiency mostly found in women. This product has multiple advantages and is helpful in proving immune to the body. This Dabur product fights many small big issues ranging from asthma to piles. This product is best for problems such as itching, fistula, gulma, anorexia, cough, diabetes, ascites, and grahani.

Infused with herbal ingredient such as Pineapple, Cyperus Rotundus & Neem helps to fight diabetes while  Achyranthes Aspera & Boerhavia Diffusa herbs is used to treat anemia. This product is well known for reducing iron deficiency plus it purifies your liver and aids the digestive process. Lauhasava is well known for its anti-inflammation and anti-swelling properties.

This product uses an age old formulation for your health care. This product is clinically proven and is completely free from any side effects. Consume 1-2 tablespoon with water every day after a meal.