Dabur Vasasava is an Ayurvedic and natural product which helps in getting relief from cough, asthma and many other respiratory related problems. It is highly enriched with herbs like nagkeshar, shunthi, vasaka and many others that promotes the secretion of sputum through air passages for cough relief and are known for expectorant actions.

Dabur Vasasava is not only for cough production and excessive release, but can also be used in times of phlegm, Asthama, tuberculosis, bronchitis and other respiratory infections. The main ingredient of Dabur Vasasava is Vasa also known as Baansaa. Vasa is clinically proven to fight and reduce respiratory problems.

Being pure herbal product, Dabur Vasasava has no side effects like tiredness and dullness, and is completely suitable for all individuals. Dabur Vasasava not only gives relief from cough and pain, but also soothes the actual cause behind it. It is cheap, reasonable and at the same time super effective.