Ensure Nutritional Powder (Vanilla) a vanilla flavored milk supplement for adults to provide them essential minerals and vitamins. With growing age and a hectic schedule, now-a-days no one is free to have a proper nutritious diet and is therefore lacking necessary vitamins and minerals that a body needs to function well, here come the role of Ensure, whether taken as a meal replacement or as a supplement, it works to its fullest in providing all 32 vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals that keep the body fit everyday.

Ensure Nutritional Powder helps in keeping body fit and active. It also improves digestion and immunity power. It provides a balanced and nutritious diet that helps the body to stay strong and fight fatigue and any kind of disease. It is low in fat and cholesterol, thus is perfect for the person asking for heart diet as well. Ensure Nutritional Powder is enriched with protein, vitamin D, chlorine and many other nutrients.