Cananga essential oil is quite parallel to Ylang Ylang. It comes with a sweet balsamic, persistent, and to some extent, a bit timbered aroma. It is basically used in skincare, and to get a relief from nervousness, gloominess, and stress related issues. This oil is extracted from the aromatic flowers of the Cananga plant, through the process of steam distillation. Cananga plant basically belongs to the custard apple family. Thus, it has a sweet, pleasing, and floral scent, which makes it worthy for aromatherapy.

Along with aromatherapy, the Cananga essential oil is also used to cure dry skin, itchy skin, damaged skin, and dry hair. This oil is 100% safe, pure, and natural. Also, Cananga oil can be used to heal small cuts and bruises over the skin. It is widely recommended for travelers and workaholics. It is recommended to blend 2-3 drops of Cananga oil with any carrier oil of your choice before using.