Herbal Hills Arsohills Kit for Piles controller comprises of three crucial herbal formulation Arsohills, Triphalhills and Guggulhills. People suffering from acute piles are recommended to intake each of these tablets once daily. The potent formulation of the herbal capsules helps in treating the painful symptoms of piles. By regulating the digestion process, the natural laxative can help sufferers overcome constipation. The detoxifier further aids in removal of the harmful toxins from the body.

The clinically tested herbal formulations are best known for treating and healthy management of piles. The astringent property of the herbs, reduces the swelling and heals the affected mucous membrane. Suran serve as a lubricant that increases the water content within the stool, which enables a patient to pass stools easily. Nagkesar has laxative and soothing properties, that help to shrink the haemorrhoidal tissue. Usually, Sitz bath, dietary modifications are quite helpful in treating the symptoms of piles. But if the symptoms do not subside, it is advisable to opt for Herbal Hills Arsohills Kit for Piles controller.