Herbal Hills Keshohills Ultra Oil is a 100% natural haircare product that help you attain healthier, straighter and stronger hair. The product is made using herbal ingredients like sesame oil, lotus flower, amla and coconut oil that promote soothing and emollient effect on the scalp. The herbal oil strengthens hair, promotes growth and prevents premature greying. Additionally, it also helps to overcome the problem of dandruff, hair fall and split ends. The natural oil is complete hair care treatment and contains abundant amount of natural products and vitamins. By stimulating hair follicles, it helps to overcome baldness and scalp infections.

Regular application of the Herbal Hills Keshohills Ultra Oil nourishes your hair roots and promotes healthy hair growth. Sesame oil serve as a good hair tonic that nourishes the hair strands. Amla and Bhrungraj supplies vital nutrients to the scalp and help you overcome the problem of hair loss. The key component of the herbal hair oil Lotus Flower is scientifically tested to boost melanin production and overcome premature greying of hair naturally.