Herbal Hills Patha powder is a quintessential blood purifier that supports healthy functioning of female uterine system. The anti-inflammatory property of the herbal ingredient regulates healthy kidney functioning and treats piles & urogenital disorders. Women afflicted with urinary tract infections can intake this potent herbal formulation to overcome the symptoms. By supplying the right kind and amount of nutrients the body needs, it helps the urogenital system to function accordingly.

Intake of herbal supplement for female urinary health has been proven highly effective. The herbs present in the supplement focuses on establishing normal hormonal production and function. It nourishes and tones the uterus and relaxes the central nervous system. The adequate nutritional support provided by the herbal formulation helps female to deal with urogenital ailments. The supplement is said to contain all of the trace minerals needed by the glands. The high calcium and magnesium content help to relax the nervous system and improves functioning of your urinary system.