Horlicks Junior Stage 2(4-6 years) is essential for the physical growth of school-going children. As kids often hesitate to drink a glass of milk on a daily basis, you can prefer adding a scoop of Horlicks Junior in their regular milk. It not only enhances the flavour of the drink but keeps your little one mentally sharp and physically active. The immune nutrients present in Horlicks Junior safeguards your kid from infectious ailments. Moreover, the minerals and vitamins help them attain strong and healthy bones and teeth.

The health drink has all the nutritional goodness of milk and is enriched with vital nutrients that improves children’s memory. It helps to bridge the nutritional gaps of children who are fussy eaters. The key ingredient of Horlicks Junior is milk solids thus making it a good source of growth for your children. The health drink is enriched with protein, zinc, iron, iodine, Folic acid and Vitamin B12 that aid in cognitive development in growing children.