Relieve your joints of pain and inflammation by consuming these completely natural Boswellia And Curcumin extract capsules from the house of Morpheme. Free from chemicals, fillers, binders and additives, these capsules are made from pure herbs collected from the best possible sources. Boswellia and Curcumin capsules are made from Boswellia serrata leaves and Curcuma longa roots for their analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties. The extracts of these precious herbs such as Boswellia Serrata or Shallaki is a herb that promotes optimum joint health. The herb contains Boswellic acid, which helps in pain and inflammation alleviation.

Taking one capsule after every meal, twice a day is known to produce best results. The capsules are completely safe for consumption as they are free of gluten and food allergens too. Thus they are completely pure and natural. So, give this great supplement a try and rid your joints of pain in a safe way.