You would hardly find an individual without any trace of ailment, of any kind. It could be due to unhealthy lifestyle, or due to deteriorating climatic and weather condition, worsening environment, or adulterated food, the reason could be anything but one common factor observed in most of the people is that they are ill. People tend to suffer with different kinds of ailment and some of the most common ailments include arthritis, liver disease, and diabetes, constipation, breathing problems, anaemia and others.

The Punarnava (BoerhaviaDiffusa) is a purely herbal medicine meant for treating a number of your health problems like joint inflammation and pain, kidney abnormalities, provide relief from constipation, treating common cough and asthma, treat anaemia, works as an effective remedy for sexual problems, dilute kidney stones, detoxify liver, increase the immunity of your body and has other benefits.

Herbal medicines go a long way in enabling you to live a healthy life without causing any side effects. That’s the best part of this product.