Muscle Pharm Assault Sport Strawberry provides energy and strength to the athletes. The product is specially designed for the modern day athletes to enhance their performance. The product sets energy and strength standard in pre workout sessions for the athletes who are looking to achieve greater results. The product enhances ingredients for lean body mass, gives greater strength and power output. It also helps to improve the endurance and decreases the recovery time.

The Muscle Pharm Assault Sport Strawberry contains clinically proven performance ingredient carnosyn which helps to increase the stamina and performance of athletes. Also the strawberry flavor makes the product very tasty. Since the product is designed for full grown athletes, it is not recommended for individuals under the age of 18. It is also not recommended to be used with caffeine, alcohol and nitrates. Also the body is expected to be kept hydrated while using the product. Hence at least one gallon of water should be consumed while using Muscle Pharm Assault Sport Strawberry.