MuscleTech Nitrotech 4Lbs is formulated with Creatine that aids in healthy muscle building. The key ingredients present in the workout supplement strengthens your muscles and boosts the energy level. The protein is sourced from whey protein isolate, which is considered as the purest form of proteins. Regular intake of the protein supplement helps in recovery from muscle fatigue and soreness. The essential amino acids and Creatine present in MuscleTech Nitrotech keeps your body active post workout.

For people who perform regular intensive exercises, they will definitely benefit from taking the right amount of whey protein in form of supplement. Their body can easily recuperate and regain its energy due to absorbing the right nourishment. Whey Isolate is one of the purest forms of whey supplements. It contains little to no fats, lactose, or carbohydrates. Because of these bodybuilders tend to recommend this form of supplement the gold standard for building muscle.