Patanjali Pineapple Jam is made up of pineapple extracts with no added preservatives and chemicals. This product is 100% vegetarian. Jams are loved by kids as well as adults. Patanjali Pineapple Jam increases hunger and appetite. The product contains highly essential elements which in turn enable to fight against any viral infections. Patanjali Pineapple Jam boosts energy in the body and helps in resisting common cold infections and fever.

Patanjali Pineapple Jam is easily available in most of the general stores and Patanjali stores. It is easily available on online shopping sites as well. The product is priced reasonable as compared to other brands such as Kisan. One 500gm Patanjali Pineapple Jam costs Rs 70 and the quality of the product is also very good. The product is value for money. The sugar content in the product is also manageable that is why it is the most suitable among jams. Though there are many other flavours available in jam, pineapple has been the most preferred flavour among consumers.