Help your child gain a complete balanced diet through PediaSure’s Vanilla Delight powder. PediaSure is a nutrition supplement that helps children above 2 years to 10 years gain weight and calories. Whether your child is just a picky eater or suffers from a condition that prevents him from taking in enough calories through a normal diet, PediaSure helps in making up for all the deficiencies. It provides a convenient source of high-calorie nutrition for children who have difficulty eating enough food to gain or maintain a healthy weight or height.

Both PediaSure contains fibers and provide vitamins and minerals. It is suitable for children on gluten-free, kosher or lactose-intolerant diets. PediaSure products contain milk protein and thus it is not recommended for children with milk allergies. This bottle of PediaSure in vanilla flavor from the house of Abbott, is a perfect blend of 37 vital nutrients that is trusted by mothers all over the world.