The Protinex Diabetes Care Vanilla is a perfect pick for someone who is suffering from diabetes. It is a low fat supplement with no added sugar. It provides right nutrition to the body by managing blood sugar levels, weight and cholesterol.This health supplement is rich in various nutrients and ingredients like Corn flour, Soya fiber, Maize starch, Vitamins, Wheat, Skimmed milk powder, etc. It also consists other ingredients like Bran, Soya protein isolate, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, etc. The combinations of these ingredients and minerals form a very nutritious health supplement. This supplement provides all the required nutrition necessary for a diabetic person.

The Protinex Diabetes Care Vanilla comes with a lot of vitamins and minerals, which is very beneficiary to a diabetic person. Also the presence of complex carbohydrates and multiple fiber helps to manage the blood sugar level. Also the product is a vegetarian product and comes with the goodness of Vanilla which makes it very tasty.