Protinex Fruit Mix is best when it comes to deliver protein and essential nutrients to the body. It increases immunity and helps the body to recover from illness. Unlike other protein shakes, it tastes really good. For skinny people, the drink helps to gain weight and look fit. It also increases energy and boosts up your body.

It is low in sugar, fat and cholesterol content and fulfills daily protein requirement of the body. It also helps in building muscles and increases bone strength. It burns fat and proves to be the best protein supplement that you can get within this price range. If you are a vegetarian and looking for a protein supplement that doesn’t contain any animal product than this drink is perfectly suited for you as it is pure veg.

It also acts as a fat burner and helps chubby people to lose their excess fat and get slim and toned body. No matter you are thin or thick Protienx provides the exact amount of protein your body needs and makes it fit and healthy.