Protinex Mama Vanilla provides the necessary nutrition needed during the pregnancy. It is rich in protein supplement with its high quality protein. It also contains various other nutrients and vitamin which are necessary to the body. It also contains DHA, which is necessary for better physical and brain development of the fetus. The product also provides other essential nutrients like iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, zinc, magnesium, etc.. The fetus is totally dependent on the mother for its nutrition, hence it should be consumed by the mother on a regular basis.

It also provides Calcium and phosphorous, which are necessary for skeletal development of the fetus and to maintain mothers good bone health. Protinex Mama Vanilla has a good combination of milk and soy protein in it, along with the goodness of Vanilla. It also provides DHA, which is necessary for the growth and development of the baby. Also the source of DHA is completely vegetarian.